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Custom Survival Progression

By using custom plugins, Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse provides a unique brand of custom gameplay that solves some of the large survival multiplayer problems (like its lack of a currency or deep progression) while adding enjoyable new ways to experience Minecraft. Battle powerful monsters with custom names and abilities, hunt through barren wastelands for long-lost treasure, create special potions and food to boost your abilities, and work with others to craft powerful weapons. Octagami's Mayhem Multiverse is unlike any other server. We also encourage the things you enjoyed about vanilla Minecraft by rewarding exploration, building, and mining in our job system. Updates are pushed out frequently adding new content and tools to play with. The best part? No more downloading fiddly mods!

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Trident, our minigame server, allows you to battle your friends and other players in custom game modes like Capture the Flag, Parkour races, Hide and Seek, plus some well-known games like Spleef and Hunger Games. You can spend your rewards to buy items on the survival servers through our token system! Each map is designed, built and balanced by a dedicated architect team ensuring each game looks good and plays fair.

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Friendly Atmosphere

We pride ourselves on having a welcoming and open player-base, and actively work to cut out disruptive, spammy, or inappropriate behavior. Long gone are the days of chat filled with advertisements, fighting and swearing, which has been replaced with helpful veterans, collaboration and kindness. Other servers may moderate chat and govern player interactions, but our staff play the game without creative or other disruptive privileges: no favoritism here. The staff team isn't some mysterious gang of admins with the ability to ruin your minecraft day; we clearly define roles and limit our own powers. In the long run, Minecraft is just a game we all play for fun, so why not have fun while playing?

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Multiple Servers

We currently have four player accessible servers excluding the lobby: Trident, Polaris, Sirius and the Classic server, allowing you to play with the community and plugins that best suit you. Our Classic server has been running successfully for over two years, and veterans are always happy to help should problems arise. Because of our many servers, space is hardly ever limited and latency is barely noticeable except during peak US play hours. There are plans to expand, and there may be a chance in the future to battle other players in open world environments.